Rare and arresting insights from the cr¡§¡§me de la cr¡§¡§me of today¡¯s top motion picture photographers.
Sheigh Crabtree
The Hollywood Reporter
Outstanding doc. Fauer did a terrific job exposing the modus operandi of cinematographers and the logic behind their work without exposing a single foot of celluloid from their movies.
Steve Chagollan
Features Editor, Special Reports Variety
One hundred and ten world-class cinematographers' thoughts on their widely discussed but little understood art-plus-craft are packed into 86 minutes in "Cinematographer Style." Doc is strikingly contained to talking-heads shots -- often closely held -- of the lensers, who rep the cream of the English-language film world. The open and gracious manner of the subjects confirms what some already know: That no group in the film biz matches lensers as a collection of classy, level-headed folks.
Tech-heads may chirp about lack of inside baseball chatter, but documentary (aimed for eventual DVD release) is rightly directed toward a general audience of movie lovers.
Robert Koehler,
Saw "Cinematographer Style" at Technicolor Los Angeles.
In a word FANTASTIC! Not only did you find your own style to present these great cinematographers but I think that all who are interested in genesis of creativity in all forms will find those passions resonate by your film.

Congratulations and thank you for creating such a great work.
Daryn Okada, ASC
President, American Society of Cinematographers
"Cinematographer Style" appeals to both the die-hard fan and the newcomer to our art.
Rather than presenting a dry recitation of facts or figures, the film frees up the leading figures of cinematography to discuss their passion from a variety of perspectives.
Their insights are profound and often humorous, their temperaments irresistably charming.
I highly recommend it."
Richard P. Crudo, ASC Past President of the American Society of Cinematographers
"Cinematographer Style" is GREAT.
 The structure is very good. I can imagine the difficulty of selecting only the segments of each one of us that you decided essential to produce a portrait of each one while creating a unique story around the figure of the Cinematographer. It is wonderful to see and hear so many colleagues and friends. It is without any doubt an important document. It is very exciting to know so many artists, their thoughts, their desires to express themselves in a modern art form like Cinematography. It is very educational. Our personal STYLE is coming from inside, in expressing ourselves through that personal style we are learning the meaning of our life.

I'm sure that any one of us is missing something of himself, the desire is always to express a little more deeply himself. I personally miss a little something, very personal, in order to be more clear about our STYLE. A sentence that I'm sure I said during the interview, the fact that any how every one of us ...in expressing ourselves we are answering our main personal questions. We are using Cinematography to know ourselves, to try to understand who we are. Our personal STYLE is coming from inside, in expressing ourself through that personal style we are learning the meaning of our life.

You did great, it is a wonderful film.

All my compliments,
Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC
You did a fantastic job putting all the "WHAT I THINK" people together.
Excellent work. A very difficult task, indeed! My best
Gordon Willis, ASC
I knew that Cinematography Style would be terrific, but I was totally unprepared for how terrific it actually is. It's truly a labor of love, and it shows in every frame. You have done a magnificent job, and deserve the thanks of all.
It is timeless.
Brian Heller
president, Boston Camera
Congratulations on a film that is not simply entertaining and informative but that will serve as a time capsule to inspire generations of filmmakers for a long time.
Nick Dager
Editor & Publisher
Digital Cinema Report
It was truly an amazing and thoroughly awesome event - and I don't use such adjectives lightly.
What a great honor to see the cinematographers whose work stands as an example to so many filmmakers, and photographers and even painters & writers too.

It was a true achievement to be able to edit such great interviews down to under 90 minutes, and to try & include as many interviewees as possible. Really nice. Gordon Willis moments are outstanding, the audience seemed quite moved by his advice to say "no" more often than to say "yes" - in these times, such words of wisdom are rare indeed!
Howard Phillips
Associate Director of
Digital Filmmaking at CDIA / Boston University
I just wanted you to know that I think your film is fantastic! I expected it to be informative, of course, but it was also extremely entertaining. My attention did not wander even once during the film, it was so riveting and so much fun. The people you interviewed are certainly a very bright and lively bunch, and you chose just the right questions to ask them.

One of the main things that made the film superior is the high quality of the cinematography. The lighting on the faces helped to bring out their individual characters and personalities, and having the lighting change to illuminate (literally) the points the cinematographers were making was a brilliant idea. Everything was done to the highest standards. I liked the editing of the sound and the picture, which kept things moving along by having a new face appear just as the last word of the previous person was dying away. And--though this is just a minor thing--I was very impressed with the sharp, steady, smooth, and clear credit crawl at the end. ( Even mega-budget features these days usually have jittery, rubbery and flickering credit titles). It appears no detail was too small for you to look after.

I hope the film will be widely seen not only in classrooms but in theaters as well.
Congratulations again for your achievement!
Robert Gitt
Chief Preservation Officer of
the UCLA Film & Television Archive
I am totally blown away by "Cinematographer Style". I can't wait to see it again. It is an inspiration. Please don't change one frame.
When a cinematographer mentions a particular movie, the clip is rolling in my mind. I loved not seeing names supered over the frame.

I loved not hearing the questions or a narrator or any of the other thousand cliches we witness in non-narrative films. Yet, this is a narrative film. It tells the story of cinematography and art and the movies in the most elegant way I've ever seen.
You have created a work of art. Thumbs up.....way way up. I am honored to be included in this wonderful enterprise.
All the best,
Russ Alsobrook, ASC.
You have done an incredible film, amazingly constructed and articulated, and on top of that you have made us all look handsome and intelligent, you are a wonderful director.

Thank you thank you thank you.
Denis Lenoir, ASC, AFC
Incredibly gutsy not to show clips. I was riveted from start to finish. What a resource for any film lover.
Elizabeth Taylor-Mead
Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation